Monday, July 02, 2007

Toyota Wish as Taxi!

Yup. It's finally official. JDM Toyota Wish Taxis will be plying the roads of Singapore.

Besides, the Toyota Wish, Honda Stream and Airwave will also be part of the fleet. These vehicles will be converted to CNG instead of the normal petrol option.

As such, the third row seats of the Toyota Wish will have to be taken out to accomodate the tank. This means that the 7 seater can now take only 5 passenger. What a waste! With the average family of 4 plus 1 maid, Singapore really needs taxis that can take more than 4 passengers. Obviously a lack of foresight for a niche market.

Anyway, looks like the new taxis will be black with yellow top. Perhaps I should sticker/paint my top to yellow as well. I just might stop for a sweet young thing. Payment will have to be in kind as I don't have a taxi meter.

I'm sure with plenty of Wish owners will bitch about the "devaluation" of the image of the car and indirectly, the pricing. We'll see...


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